Sunday, March 11, 2012

Weekly grocery budget

Something I am noticing as we work on this whole eating healthy thing - we are spending less in the grocery store and on food in general.

Buying lunch, either fast food or in the cafeteria, is out for the most part. Leftovers are in.

Dinners are healthy and there are no pre-packaged meals. That means less sodium and less waste overall.

Meals are just healthier. Midalah and I did go out the other night for dinner, using the WW app to make sure we stayed within points. Out of curiosity, though, I started looking through other options on the menu.


40-plus points for a single entree? My entire daily intake is 26 points! No wonder I packed the pounds on, with fast food lunches as a way to get out of the office for 30 minutes, and at least bi-weekly dinners out, complete with appetizers and, sometimes, dessert.

We spend less on the weekly food shopping than we would have on a single meal out. That's a big difference.

Between the financial and caloric savings, I am hoping to be in a much better place - physically and fiscally - at this time next year!

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