Sunday, August 17, 2008

Lunch time!

Okay, so it's been a while since I've worried about lunch at work! I don't know where any restaurants are in the area of my new job, and even so, I want to be good financially. So, tomorrow's lunch:

shrimp fritters from one of my favorite bento sites: Fritter Recipe at Just Bento

I used nori fumi furikake - sesame seeds and nori in the fritters, and since I didn't have hot paprika, I used smoked. Nice flavor, if no heat to it.

I took a little more of the furikake and mixed it into some rice. I packed the rice in tight and added the shrimp fritters to the top tier of my bento.

The bottom tier holds these protein bars (minus the soy protein powder that I forgot to pick up) that the girls made: Alton Brown's Recipe, along with grape tomatoes and a wedge of Laughing Cow cheese to eat with the tomatoes.

Now to stick in some water and I'm set.

It's going to be challenging to come up with interesting lunches.

If I was mildly creative, I'd get out my nori punches and make some faces or shapes or something to add some color to the rice, but... nahhh... Tomorrow!