Sunday, March 04, 2012

Curried Scallops

A slightly modified version of a recipe from Weight Watchers. The original calls for sea scallops, but at $15 per pound, those just do not fit into the budget.

Bay scallops worked just as well and I think this came out decently. One to make again, but with more curry powder next time!

Oh, and including extra milk, some soda and a big gallon of OJ (my daughter is home from college), this week's grocery bill was still under $ 60!

Oh - and the cost for this dinner plus 2 lunches (4 servings total):

Scallops: $ 6.00
Broth: $.25 (I use bouillon)
Pasta: $ 2.19 (it was Barilla, extra fiber, etc)
Scallions: $.15
Half and half: $ .50

$ 9.09 total, or just over $ 2.27 per meal. Not bad. Not bad at all.

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