Friday, March 23, 2012

On losing weight and keeping on budget

My life was very different when I first started this blog. I was married, there was a good income coming in and we were able to go and do and splurge.

Things change. I’m now divorced and living on a scarily tight budget as I work at getting things back on track while both my daughter and I go to school. Penny pinching? I have started to learn that art!

Unfortunately for my waistline, however, my interest in food – good food – has never waned. This can be costly both in dollars and in calories.

Years ago, I lost quite a bit of weight, but it was easier then. I was a stay-at-home mom doing volunteer work, so I made my own hours. I had the extra income to purchase items that were healthier without having to look to see if buying something meant less gas in the car.

Of course, gas prices were a far cry then from what they are now, too!

Less healthy foods can be cheaper. The center aisles of the supermarket are full of things that are on sale, but are really not conducive to a healthier eating style.

Yet, I am finding eating healthier on a budget IS doable. It means a lot more work and a larger investment in time than I had originally expected, but you know what? It’s worth every minute spent pouring over recipes and supermarket prices because the outcome in the end will be a much healthier, happier me.

And that’s all I ask for.

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