Sunday, June 17, 2012

French Toast BLT

And I'm back! Hanging in there - still down 21 lbs. Not really making much headway weight-loss-wise, but with the way life is right now, that's not a surprise. I'm happy to be maintaining!

Tonight's dinner is something Midalah found: French toast BLT. Surprisingly good! The bread we used was full of all sorts of yummy goodness. Probably added to the points, but today was my "bad" day, so I think I can deal. Tomorrow - new day, new dedication to losing the last 33 lbs!

Price breakdown:
Bread: 1.59
Bacon: 1.75
Tomatoes: .75
Lettuce: .50
Eggs: .65
Milk: negligible (2 Tbl.)

Total: Approximately $ 2.67 per person (2 people)

Very filling. Actually, this would have easily served 4 people. I know Midalah couldn't finish her dinner, it was too much!

This week will include lemon chicken and rice as well as sausage, peppers and orzo. Not sure what else just yet. Next week, back to menu planning!