Saturday, March 17, 2012

Shimp and Chicken Jambalaya

A Weight Watchers recipe that worked really well here. We ended up halving the portion sizes, because the 2 cup serving size was too big for any of us to finish, including my daughter and her boyfriend!

Shrimp, chicken, peppers and tomatoes - can't go wrong!

After it was done and ready to be served:

Finished it off with some green Tobasco, which really added a nice little bit of flavor.

All this made either 4 huge 2 cup servings at $ 3.25 each or 8 regular (and filling!) 1 cup servings at $ 1.63 each. Well within budget for dinner and lunches!

My old pot is enamel clad cast iron. It looks pretty beat up now, but I did receive it as a shower gift back in January 1990. It's taken a beating and then some.

It has made thousands of meals, been stuck directly on hot coals at camp sites, had coals piled on top of it, etc. This is cookware that is well worth the investment!

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