Saturday, August 06, 2005

Bad Food. Great Views.

Those four words sum up our quick trip to Niagara Falls, ON this past week. The views were spectacular - the food? Not so much.

First night: Rainforest Cafe. It was crowded so we went to the bar to get a drink. It took forever to get a dry martini and a Sol from a bartender who called me Babe. From there, to the table. The server was bouncy and happy and it more than made up for the restaurant chain food. Nothing terrible, but nothing that made me go "oooh" and want to have seconds.

The next morning: Breakfast at the Sheraton on the Falls' Penthouse Fallsview Dining Room. Lovely view from our table. Horrible food and even worse service. Ro enjoyed her dippy eggs, but beyond that, it was overpriced breakfast items that could have been done better (and were, the next morning) by Perkins.

Second night: Edgewater's Tap & Grill. Very bland and salty food, but the view more than made up for the food. It was very nice, sitting there, listening to the falls across the road, sipping a glass of wine and just relaxing with my husband and daughter. The picture is a little dark, since it was nearing dark - shortly after this was taken, the lights were focused on the falls. Unfortunately, no photos of that came out well.

Following morning: Perkins. Slow service, but they actually managed to do the eggs hard for me. Yes, I can hear people groaning now, but as my husband put it, I eat eggs like they were medicine. I need protein with my carbs in the morning so I'm not a grumpy person by mid-morning and most breakfast meats are so salty they're just ick, so... eggs it is.

That night: Fast food in a small town somewhere in PA, late, late at night when we realized that there would be no real food between there and home.

We're going back for the view. And maybe to see if we can find real food!

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