Sunday, July 15, 2012

Weekly menu - Week eleventy-something?

I need to figure out what week we're on again. I lost track!

Back to budgeting, both calorie and dollar wise! Money is tight again this week (who isn’t it tight for these days?) and all three of us are making efforts to eat better and continue to lose weight.

Points and cost per serving are estimated using 4 servings as the standard.

This week’s menu:

Open faced tuna and artichoke melts (8 pts / $ 1.63 per serving)

Turkey burgers with salad (8 pts / $ 1.62 per serving)

Tilapia with bacon, pilaf, asparagus (7 pts / $ 2.22 per serving)

Crockpot chicken with potatoes and green beans (8 pts / $ 2.25 per serving, possibly less due to leftovers)

Grilled pizza (No idea yet for points / cost per serving – depends on what we put on it)

Caprese risotto ( 6 pts / $ 1.88 per serving)

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