Sunday, September 18, 2011

Eating in on a budget, part whatever - plus Angel Food Ministries

With my daughter away at school, it's just me and my housemate, Midalah. Which means more leftovers for lunch!

So I just spent some time looking through the (rapidly dwindling!) pantry, fridge and freezer.

Tonight was leftover couscous mixed with the last of the farmer's market peppers, garlic and a bag of tiny shrimp of indeterminate age. Actually, it was fairly good.

Mashed potatoes
Green beans

Whole chicken in the crockpot
Some sort of vegetable from the freezer

Casserole made from chicken leftovers

Spaghetti and meatballs

Steak (got an awesome deal a while ago and am using it out of the freezer - yay)
Baked potatoes
Grilled asparagus

I am thinking... pancakes and turkey blueberry sausage for dinner

Black bean soup, maybe? Or chili. Haven't really thought that far ahead.

As an aside... I went to the Angel Food Ministries website today and was very surprised to see they have suspended operations for the month of September. They have not given a restart date, either.

It's a sad commentary on our lives today when the organizations out there to help those having a hard time cannot stay afloat. Yes, I know AFM has had some issues in recent years, but now what? There are many who depend on them for inexpensive groceries each month.

I am blessed to live in an area where I have my pick of farmer's markets and inexpensive grocery/seconds stores. For me, AFM is actually not a great deal. I do check the site now and then to get an idea of what they are offering, but have not used the service. Still, how many are in areas where the cost of local groceries are twice what they have been paying with AFM?

And what will those people do now?

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