Saturday, August 27, 2011

Eating (mostly) locally - and cheaply!

Here in the East Coast, we are all hunkered down, waiting for Irene's approach.

We live inland, in the middle of Amish Country, PA. For us, this will bring lots of rain and wind, but not the mess those down the shore will have to deal with. So, instead of intense hurricane preparations, Midalah and I headed into the city to Central Market for some provisions.

After a very nice haul of vegetables and some blueberry sausage from The Turkey Lady, we headed out to get the propane tank filled for the grill I bought at the beginning of the season. I've lived in this house almost 20 years and have gotten used to power going out at the slightest provocation, so we're not taking any chances!

Tonight's dinner consists of vegetables from the market, some leftover steak and rice:

Vegetables: green beans, peppers, zucchini, garlic - approximately 2.50
Rice: about .30 cents worth of the $ 1.00 bag
Leftover steak: I had found a nice 1 lb steak for 2.48 last week. We grilled and ate about half and used the rest tonight, so... 1.25

Total: $ 4.05 for 2 people, with leftovers

If the power does go out, cold rice might be the base for tomorrow morning's breakfast!

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