Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Tuna salad or wheatberries... not a tough choice!

Today was one of those days where I ended up doing a lot more than I expected. About 12:30, I was in the city when I realized I still had to do my grocery shopping and I had yet to eat more than the three brazil nuts I have every morning for the selenium they contain (it helps stave off seasonal adjustment disorder... but that's another post).

Happily, Central Market was open, so I decided to duck in there and grab something quickly before hitting the supermarket. I did find a small organic produce stand - everything looked lovely, but I didn't stop to look for long, since I had a schedule to keep. Most of the stands were jammed with people on their lunch breaks, so I found a smaller one that was fairly empty. No wonder. The choices were rather limited and, since I didn't feel like wearing tuna salad in the car, I went with the wheat berry, pecan and grape salad.

It was actually quite good, but it could have done without quite so many green onions. They overpowered every other ingredient in there, including cilantro! Bits of red and green peppers were flecked throughout and the grapes added a happy bit of sweetness to it. I'm trying to find a recipe at least somewhat similar to this, but I think I'm going to have to eat a lot of experiments to figure it out. Poor me, right?

Not a bad lunch to grab on the go, though I will admit to eating it mostly at long red lights. I know, I know - not good. But at least I wasn't text messaging!


Nee said...

Intersting, I've never had wheatberries before. Do you just cook them like you would other grains?

Alida said...

I'm not really sure. Darana would know better than I. I'll be finding out, I'm sure, when I try to make this dish ;)