Saturday, October 15, 2011

Time to tally

Okay, time to figure out tonight’s dinner on a per person basis:

Turkey sausage: 1.25 per person
Fresh, still on the stalk, Brussels sprouts: 1.00 per person
Bread: harder to figure out, since there will be a LOT left over for snacks and breakfasts: Let’s say .30 per person when you figure out how many slices there are
Pumpkin soup: This was nice. All it cost was the pumpkin and a head of garlic. I don’t figure out spices. And there are at least 6 servings (leftovers – yay!): .55 per person

Total: $ 3.10 per serving

Total purchase price, which covers tonight’s dinner, a couple breakfasts and lunches at work? $ 11.00

That’s $ 7.90 for breakfasts/snacks/lunch. I could easily spend that much in 1 day for breakfast/lunch. I think we did good!

Oh, and the broccoflower? That will be served tomorrow night with wine/herb marinated chicken breasts and couscous.

(I am so not counting dessert, which was a splurge at $ 2.50 a slice!)

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