Thursday, June 05, 2008

Eating at home and in school

I'm back! Today's post is dinner from Monday night and lunch for Roo for school on Tuesday (her last bento of the school year).

Monday night's dinner was shrimp with green peppers and pineapple, with leftover Tuscan bean salad. Then I prepared Roo's bento for tomorrow. It's a little boring, but it works. And these onigiri seem to do very well refrigerated overnight rather than me making them in the morning. I mix the furikake in with the rice rather than sprinkling it over. Seems to work just fine for us! Ignore the broken strip of nori, pretty please!

Ready to be broiled (worked better there than on the grill):

Done and plated rather messily:


Bottom tier: 3 onigiri with mushrooms and furikake, little bottle of soy sauce
Second to bottom tier: Salad with carrots and cucumbers. Little bottles of salad dressing, each holding about a tablespoon. I think she'll only use one, but better safe than sorry.
Next tier: Italian dry salami and extra sharp cheddar cheese for some protein
Dessert on the top tier: cherries


food courts said...

Your food photos are amazing! I’ve been lurking on your blog for awhile and finally thought I’d say something…. your photography is excellent.

Emma said...

These things look gorgeous and I am sure are delicious.