Tuesday, October 17, 2006


My first attempt at a bento for Roo:

  • 3 onigiri, filled with bits of sausage and topped with toasted sesame seeds and wrapped in nori (they are in 3 fun shapes, too).

  • hard boiled egg with a nori smiley face

  • salad with butter lettuce, romaine, grape tomatoes and baby cucumbers, oil and vinegar dressing on the side

  • dessert is a sliced up prickly pear - nothing else, since this is not a fruit that plays nicely with others
This bento 'box' is what I'm using. Eventually, I'd like to have a collection of boxes of various shapes and sizes - there are 4 1/2 years of school left!

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Great Big Veg Challenge said...

Great idea to use a bento box.
I have just discovered your blog and thoroughly enjoyed it.
Charlotte at the Great Big Veg Challenge