Monday, August 07, 2006

Death Star!

I have not forgotten about the cake - well, maybe I did forget to post pictures. . .

Here is the Death Star cake, rendered in chocolate raspberry and fondant, by the incredibly talented and creative Chef Duff Goldman of Charm City Cakes and soon to be seen on Ace of Cakes. I can't recommend his work highly enough. Working with him and his manager again has been yet another great experience. And in a month or so, I'll be contacting them again to do a cake for my parents' 40th anniversary in December. We're thinking about doing an air hockey table, since the two of them love to compete against one another.

Keep in mind that my lightsaber is 14" long. This cake was about that tall and that wide. As we carried it from the lobby, where it was dropped off by a very pleasant Charm City Cakes employee, to our room, we received many "that's CAKE?!" exclamations. You could smell the sweetness (fondant will do that) - and that drew an actress from Farcape into the room - I had to be told later who she was. Oops. Maybe I should watch the show.

Anyhow - onto the cake!

A photo of the chocolate and raspberry cake. Dark enough for the Death Star, wouldn't you say?

Sha proves that the best way for the Jedi to beat such darkness is to consume it. With a smile!

The cake was a huge hit and we were loathe to cut into it. But, as you can see, we managed to get past that and enjoy every bite!


Glenna said...

Great cake! How did your parents' anniversary cake turn out?

Alida said...

Ooh - I do need to post those photos! I'll do that this afternoon. Anything to avoid going out into the snow!

Anonymous said...

how much was the death star cake?