Saturday, July 01, 2006


No, I haven't forgotten this blog. What I have been is dealing with a WinXP crash that ate all the pictures, files, etc., that were sitting in my computer. This means that any fun food pictures bit the dust along with it. Argh.

However, heading to Philadelphia this weekend, where there WILL be food and blogging to go with it! Then, while JT heads north to Boston, Roo and I will have a day at home before heading to Baltimore. That will be mostly crockpot meals in the room (less searching for restaurants means less time away from Shore Leave and from our planned geocaching excursion - and healthier meals anyhow!) but we'll see what we think of Crackpot Restaurant at least one night.

Oh, and then there will be The Cake from Charm City Cakes. I can't wait to see how the Death Star gets rendered in chocolate raspberry!

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