Monday, May 29, 2006

I'm not eating around -

But JT is.

My husband is working in Bangalore at the moment. He's in India for a couple weeks with work and I told him I wanted food pictures, especially. He spends his evenings/my mornings on IM with me, telling me how WONDERFUL all the food is and getting me jealous. It's downright mean of him to tell me things like, "This is how cucumbers will taste in heaven" and "I haven't had mango like this since I was a kid in Mexico." Sigh. So I'm eating vicariously through him. I have to admit, though: fewer calories this way!

This morning for him, breakfast started with papaya, pineapple, melon, bacon, a rice cake that was made with rice, nuts, spices and vegtables, and then a sweet cake.

(The photo is clickable and leads to a ton of other pictures, only a few of which are food related, the rest are images from the trip. Food shots are on Day 3.)

Catering is phenomenal and, from everything he has said, I need to dig out my Indian cookbooks and get cracking!

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Aoorn said...

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