Sunday, February 12, 2006


I made the mistake of not shooing JT and Roo out of the room while I settled in to watch Food Network. Before I knew it, they were begging for something chocolate. I finally gave in and found a vegan chocolate cake and an easy chocolate frosting recipe to do while I played.

The cakes - well - one didn't finish at all and the other was just slightly underdone. I noticed that as I went to flip them back over. Oops. Okay - out went the totally gooey inside cake. I could have made it into a pudding type dessert but I was so not in the mood to fuss with that and I still had 1 9" round that was just really really moist.

Next - the chocolate frosting. I get it all together and I realize that I was out of cornstarch. Oops. Okay, throw a little flour in and hope for the best, right? Hah! It was not a spreadable consistancy at all. Pourable. Okay, fine. I poured it over the cooled round and cut a couple slices for them. Spooned a little more of the 'frosting' over their slices and finished off the plates with some whipped cream.

Apparently, it was a success. I wonder what the recipes will be like when I do them RIGHT?

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