Saturday, January 07, 2006

Christmas Morning

Yes, it's late for a Christmas post - I have been amiss in updating the blog!

Since I married JT oh-so-many-years-ago, every Christmas morning, I pop a casserole into the oven and serve it with fruit salad. It's simple, it's easy to prepare, and I don't have to worry about it. The casserole goes into the oven first thing, we open gifts and, by the time we're done, breakfast is ready to be served.

This year, I decided to add a sour cream coffee cake that sounded just incredible. It was from the Barefoot Contessa and I made just a couple minor changes in the recipe, to suit my family.

The cake came out very well, though the top could have browned a wee bit more:

However, the flavor didn't seem to be at all affected. My daughter decided she liked the coffee cake *far* more than the sausage and egg casserole or even the fruit. Between her and my husband, this did not last very long in our home.

Here's our little table, all set for Christmas morning. I never did get the candle to sit straight, it kept wanting to fall over!

I hope everyone had a holiday that was as wonderful and joyous, full of family, love and good food, as we did.

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Nee said...

That cake sounds really good. Would you be willing to share recipie?