Sunday, April 29, 2012

Week 10 – Menu time

Hard to believe we're going into our 10th week of eating healthier, though the 18 lbs that I have lost so far are proof that it is working! And that's after a week of traveling for work and eating every meal out for 5 days straight. Getting into jeans and slacks that I couldn't zip up in December has been a huge boost, too.

Last week was a rough one. We stuck mostly to the menu plan, but with working long days and cramming for finals, neither Midalah nor I wanted to wait to eat after 9 pm. Some of the recipes from last week were a little too time-intensive for the craziness. We did stick to the WW plan, though! Yay for PointsPlus points!

This week will be easier – yes, there are still a few final exams to go for both of us, but my daughter is home and may be enlisted to help get things prepped earlier.

15 minute chicken gumbo (8 points)

Open faced tuna/artichoke melts (8 points)

Beef barley stew with roasted vegetables (9 points)

Pasta alla vodka (8 points)

Cajun grilled turkey breast with potatoes and vegetables (9 points)

Pork and pineapple skewers with rice (14 points ) – splurge night!

No idea. We’re going to Faerie Fest and will probably find something on the way home. In costume, of course!

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