Sunday, February 26, 2012

Sausage and cheese... pancakes?

In a mood for something savory for breakfast this morning, so I trooped down to the kitchen to see what we have on hand.

No eggs. No Eggbeaters. Hm... sadly short on bacon, too. While the freezer is well-stocked, the pantry and fridge need some filling.

Found the last of a box of pancake mix. In the freezer we had turkey sausage crumbles. In the fridge, shredded cheddar.

So, I heated up the sausage, mixed up the batter and tossed the lot together:

They turned out fairly well, actually:

Unfortunately, they also turned out to be around 10 points, even with low-fat ingredients. Found that little nugget out after breakfast, when I finally bit the bullet and joined Weight Watchers.

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Anonymous said...

Seriously? Why haven't I thought about this. Look sooo yummy!
I just remodeled my kitchen and need to break it in! Breakfast for dinner tonight! Thanks for the post!