Thursday, December 08, 2011

Chicken is my friend

Eating a lot more chicken lately! It's cheaper than beef and fairly versatile.

I worked late tonight, and Midalah had class, so a quick baked chicken breast dish worked just fine.

Chicken breasts were on sale this past week.

For 3 servings, the total was $ 6.30 ($ 2.10 per serving).

Chicken: 3.92
Dressing to cook the chicken in: .15
Couscous: .68
Bouillon: .10
Beets: 1.45

I drizzled an Italian/red pepper dressing over the breasts and baked them. The couscous soaked in chicken broth.

Until recently, I had only eaten beets cold and in salads. Recently, we've been eating them heated up, something Midalah has done in the past. I found them surprisingly good that way!


nazia said...

my family love to eat chicken..i need lots of chicken recipes...if you love seafood you can visit

can i add your blog in my blogroll...i recently started my blog and update daily

Dana said...

Hi, Nazi - I'm not sure how I missed your comment! Sure, please add... if I can add your site, too? Looks like you have some awesome recipes there!