Sunday, May 24, 2009

Sushi Samba Park

Oops! Once again, the camera was forgotten, as the company and the food took precedence.

To celebrate my daughter's Sweet 16 belatedly, we headed into New York for a relaxing weekend of fun and food. A trip to Randall's Island to see Cirque du Soleil's Kooza was followed by a visit to one of her favorite restaurants in the city: Sushi Samba.

Sushi Samba has a number of locations, two of them located in New York. We chose Sushi Samba Park, as it is more relaxed than Sushi Samba 7. The fact that it was closer to where we had been was a plus, also.

We are a bit predictable by now, starting off with edamame and the yellowtail sashimi tiradito, as always. However, there were mildly spicy peppers and green bean tempura added this time. Roo did manage to share some of the yellowtail. The combination of lemongrass and jalapeno that flavors the raw fish is a winner and a flavor she craves far too often for my wallet!

Entrees chosen by our party ranged from sushi to the day's special pork dish and a serving of kobe beef tartare. Everything was enjoyed heartily, as were the mango mojitos and mango sambatinis.

Dessert arrived, with warm Valhrona chocolate in which to dip handmade marshmallows, soft cookies and other assorted fruits and goodies.

Service was friendly and prompt, which we have come to expect from Sushi Samba Park. The server was fantastic, even when a late arrival joined us, complete with all of her bags from a full day of running around the city.

Highly recommended for the atmosphere and for the food, Sushi Samba Park remains a favorite with our family.


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